Inline Buttons module for Divi Builder

A module that allows you to add two or more buttons next to each other (inline).  No CSS required, and each button can be styled individually just like the Divi Button.

* We created these buttons with the inline module


It is easy to use, light-weight and have all the original button customizations.

Easy to use

The module is very easy to use and has the same interface you are familiar with in the Divi Builder.


Fully customizable

All the customisation options you love in Divi are available to use within the inline button module.

Fully Responsive

All options are responsive and include very intuitive breakpoints settings.


Documentation included

A quick start guide is included documenting the module with its features. Also includes some design tips.

Some examples

Add as many buttons next to each other as you want (that will fit in the row).  The module is responsive, if there is not enough space to display all the buttons on one row, the buttons will wrap to the next line.   (Try it out by resizing the browser).   We have created a few examples to show the ease-of-use and to showcase the customization options available.

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